Spiders, Earwigs, and Other Insects

Jun 1, 2020

Spiders, earwigs, ants, and other insects that you may see outside your home or business are often referred to as “occasional invaders,” or general pests. It is very common to see some of these insects try to enter buildings when the conditions inside are more accommodating for them. They might come inside looking for moisture sources during the summer, or to avoid the cold temperatures during the winter. The best answer we offer is to keep you on a regular service so that the outdoor population of these pests is not allowed to increase dramatically, which will make it less likely that they start moving into your home. While these insects usually spend most of their time outdoors, we also offer services for the inside of your home and business as well. Upon inspecting the property we will offer suggestions on eliminating any possible harborage sites found, or any recommended repairs that may seal off entry points.